Friday, March 11, 2011

Commubications Consultant seeks Management Opportunity (and other ridiculous resume errors)

Ok folks, we are going to take a quick step back to the BASICS.
This week, for whatever reason, I have seen numerous errors like these appearing on headlines of resumes of individuals applying to jobs.

Costumer Service Specialist
Commubications Consultant
Payroll Manger

SERIOUSLY?  In today's economy, and with the current job market, this is UNACCEPTABLE!  What's worse is these resumes do get noticed but NOT in the way you would want your resume to be noticed. 

Job seekers are pounding the pavement and doing whatever it takes to get their foot in the door (at least most of them are, or I -being the glass half full type of guy that I am- like to think so), and the numbers of unemployed Americans continue to be shockingly high.  Social Media has taken over our lives, and employers can see much more about you than many of you might care to share with the world (people who share illicit behavior, extreme religious or political views, down right strangeness with their "fan" base).  You can't escape it.... So, why on earth would you risk your professional reputation and your VERY brief window of opportunity to be noticed by a hiring manager or a recruiter?

Take a few minutes to proofread your professional resume.  Focus on your accomplishments and not your job duties.  What did you do at that job that would stand out?  Where did you save the company money/increase profits/etc??  Impress me with your metrics and what you can provide that the next person cannot.

Then, spend time putting together a marketing plan on what industries you want to pursue, who the leading employers in that space are, what their market share looks like, where they're heading as an organization, how you want to get their attention and what your personal pitch will be (my next update here will be on HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF). 

Then, go back and proofread your resume again.  Share it with a friend to review (and not to your buddy at the bar while you're sipping on brewsky and shooting pool).  Read it front to back and back to front just to make sure you at the very least have the spelling and grammar right.

Resume errors are the EASIEST to fix of all perils facing job seekers today.  Let's get this right!

Until next time, much success to you and yours!

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