Friday, July 29, 2011

Why are some people more successful than others?

What makes some people more successful (in their job search or just in general) than others?  In all my years of recruiting, I have consistently seen the following traits show up in each and every successful person.  I call it the CPA (Clarity, Perspective, Accountability) approach to reaching your dreams.  Take a look and imagine what an impact it will make when you implement these into your job search...or in your daily life.
First you’ve got to have CLARITY.  Being goal oriented and future focused about what you want is the single most effective thing you can do when it comes to reaching your goals or finding your dream job.  How many people do you know who carry around dreams for most of their lives without ever realizing them?  Sadly, that is a lot of people in this world.  There would be nothing sadder than being at the end of your life and realizing how many dreams you left on the table.  And for what?  Understand what you want (also known as your values), align your actions to your values, and set yourself a deadline. 
A little PERSPECTIVE goes a long ways.  Put your ideas on paper, align them with dates into your calendar or in your diary, state your goals out loud as often as you can.  Stating your intention and your goals out loud causes your subconscious to start accepting them as truth, and the added value of bringing ideas from your subconscious mind into your conscious mind can be tremendous.  Be realistic about where you are, what your strengths are, what your areas of opportunity (also known as weaknesses, but I detest that word) are, and be realistic about where you want to go.  Understand that the economy or your boss or your spouse are outside of your control.  Realize that you and only you are responsible for whether you reach your goals.
Make yourself ACCOUNTABLE to someone else.  Have you ever had a dream or ambition to do something that you kept to yourself and never ended up getting it done?  Or maybe you just procrastinated a bit?  Don’t worry.  We’ve all done this.  The thing is, though, when you make yourself accountable to someone else in the process, you are stating aloud your intentions and this is HUGE!  Accountability will help keep you on track, and this accountability with another person automatically energizes your thought process and may even open up a whole new realm of dreams and possibilities.  (I personally work with a life coach to keep me accountable on some of my personal dreams and projects.  He's AWESOME!  Bob Kiser Coaching.
Are you stuck in a rut in your career or in your job search?  Are you lugging around an unfulfilled dream that’s just collecting dust and rusting away in the back of your mind?  Pick one area you want to work on (finding a job, getting promoted, improving your relationships, learning a new language, etc..) and apply the CPA to it.  I bet you’ll be happy (and definitely more accomplished) in no time at all!

Until next time, continued career success your way!

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