Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat (and keep your cool at work or in your job search)

Sweltering summers can be tough on all of us.  With a high of 99 degrees today and 500% humidity here in the South, I get that!  The heat can make it tough to concentrate on your work or effectively handle your job search too.  If you’re stuck in a cubicle and you’d rather be lounging poolside, or if you’re putting on your suit for yet another interview and you’d rather already have the job, here are a few tips to keeping your cool (and staying productive) this summer:
1.       Listen to music.  Create a playlist and pump up the volume.   Music therapy is a great way to get yourself out of a funk.  Find songs that are uplifting, and play the same ones over and over again if you have to!  I personally love jamming out to Sirius satellite radio’s BPM…and it’s the only station I ever listen to in the car or at home.  I do this for one reason.  It makes me feel AWESOME!
2.       Eat plenty of fresh fruits and drink plenty of water.  Pineapple, mango, banana, melons…they’re all good for you!  They’re easy to digest and won’t leave you bloated or sluggish either.  Mix in some ice or seltzer water or fat free yogurt and make yourself a fruit smoothie.  Cheap and delicious!!  Make it your mission to drink a gallon of water a day.  I dare you!
3.       Get your dose (even a healthy overdose here is ok) of Vitamin B.  If you can’t concentrate and are feeling lethargic or “blue”, you may not have enough vitamin B in your system.  Easy fix!  Take it in pill form or get it the old fashioned way (seafood, lean meats, cheese and eggs). 
4.       Capitalize on the joys of Daylight Savings.  If you get your workout and all your other tasks done early in the day, you’ll have plenty of light at the end of the day to sit by the pool, have a barbecue or just relax.  Get up early and get yourself moving!  You’ll be glad you did when 5:00 rolls around.  Plan some outdoor activities with friends after work instead of going home and straight to the couch. 
5.       Cardio is KING (well, networking is King in the job search, but Cardio is the best way to make you feel better NOW).  Take an afternoon walk to mix things up and get re-energized.  Lots of people have afternoon slumps after their coffee has worn off.  Take a 15 minute walk around the block if you can.  The vitamin D from the sun and the fresh air will have you feeling better in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.  It’s a quick, easy and free fix to improve your mood now!
Remember, that you are in control of making sure you stay at peak performance…in the workplace or in the job search process.  Nobody else can do it for you, so take care of YOU today!!

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