Friday, July 22, 2011

6 Easy Steps to a Better Life (and more successful job search)

The law of attraction is one of the few universal laws that matters when it comes to improving your life NOW!  Whenever you transmit positive energy, you immediately attract more positive energy into your life.  Positive people will be drawn to you, and when people who are positive come together the results are multiplied.  The desire for positive outcomes increases, and positive actions create positive results.  Negative people have the exact opposite effect…so WATCH OUT and STAY AWAY from anyone who is negative.  It’s too risky and self sabotaging to bother with them at all!
Whether you believe it or not, people around you respond to your energy…and you respond to their energy.  The universe answers whatever it is you put out there. Your subconscious mind is always telling the universe what it wants and what it believes to be true.  So, the question is “How can you improve your odds of attracting better thoughts, people and outcomes into your life?”
I can tell you this… It’s not your job, your parents, your spouse, your boss, rush hour traffic, etc.. that creates ANY of your energy.  It is your perception that creates it.  Everything around you is what it is.  Your REACTION to it is what you have control over.  Here are a few easy steps to increasing your odds of getting the most out of each and every relationship, job, personal goals, etc…

1.     Meditate, Early and Often!  It can take two minutes or an hour, but any meditation will help clear your mind of negativity and get into your focused and happy place.  Keep it simple, sit and relax and focus on your breathing.  Breathe in (take in all the goodness of life) and breathe out (exhale all negative feelings and worries).  Feel your consciousness in the center of whatever is going on.  Focus on your inner you! 
2.     Focus on the Good in Every Situation.  Good and bad are only perceptions of our mind.  The truth is there is one manifestation of the truth… You can call it God or spirit or universe, but it is pure goodness, and if you allow yourself to focus on the good things of any given situation, you will be conditioning your mind to make a habit of doing so.  It will get easier in time, and you’ll eventually only see the good!
3.     Do unto othersThe golden rule is the only constant across all religions.  Why?  Because treating others the way you wish to be treated helps keep you out of trouble for one thing!  But it also keeps you in a space of transmitting positive energy out.  Positive out = positive in.  So, while you’re “doing unto others”, you’re also doing unto yourself.  It’s a WIN-WIN! 
4.     Let go of Resentments.  The past is over.  It’s that simple.  If you hold onto the leftover emotions from a past divorce or bad relationship or anything negative from the past, you really are only hurting yourself.  So learn to forgive and move on.  Simply forgiving someone from your past (or even yourself for past mistakes) can open the flood gates of positive energy into your “now”. 
5.     Visualize Whirled Peas J Most of our minds are conditioned to think negatively.  Make a conscious effort to change the way you visualize the world around you.  Stop thinking negatively, start imagining all goodness is coming to you in a peaceful manner. There is no need to struggle.  Open yourself up to the flow of the universe.  Expect that you will attract health and wealth and creativity and love into your life.  There is power in visualization…just make sure you’re visualizing positively! 
6.     Stay in the NOW!  In each interaction in life, you have the choice to stay present.  Rather than getting caught up in the mindless chatter of your brain, you can choose to be present.  Acceptance is the key.  You can’t change the past, and the future isn’t even here yet.  You only have NOW!  This simple act will calm your mind and spirit and attract other likeminded people to you, increasing positive energy even more! 
Make it your mission to attract positivity into your job search, your workplace, your home and your community.  See what a difference you can make in one day!

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